Bingo Loco
Bingo Loco
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Bingo Loco

Discovery Darwin (Darwin, NT)
Friday, 31 May 2019 6:30 PM
10 days away
18 Plus

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Bingo Loco has taken the world by storm, and returns to Australia this May/ June for their maddest show yet. Bingo Loco flips the traditional game of Bingo on its head, with rave rounds, conga lines, dance offs, lip sync battles, glow sticks and prizes - ranging from va- cations to cars to lawnmowers.

Originating in Ireland, Bingo Loco is the brainchild of three close friends with a passion for unique events. Now, Bingo Loco is selling out across the globe, with Australian, Canadian, US and Irish shows selling out within a matter of hours! The team is heading back down under this May & June, with host Andrew Stanley, for another night of madness in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin.

A night at Bingo Loco is guaranteed to flip one’s “regular night out” on its head. It promises a night to remember, with many attendees returning time and time again for their enter- tainment fix. Though the show itself follows a simple three-round structure, no two nights are the same - especially due to the high level of crowd engagement during the show.

“Bingo Loco has become nothing short of an entertainment phenomenon in its birth place of Dublin and beyond.” – Lonely Planet.

Proceeds from Bingo Loco will go to Make-A-Wish® Australia who creates life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. From the simple to the seemingly impossible, Make-A-Wish® wishes complement medical treatment – working to calm, distract and em- power sick kids at the time they need it most. When a wish is realised, a child discovers that despite their situation, anything is possible. 

Terms and Conditions:

Bingo Loco is an entertainment event run by Legs Eleven Australia Pty Ltd and is separate to cost of playing Bingo, operated by Legs Eleven Australia Pty Ltd on behalf of Make-A-Wish® Australia with authority to Fundraise. There is no obligation from attendees of the event 'Bingo Loco' to play Bingo. The separate cost to play Bingo is $3.60 for a booklet of 9 tickets. Proceeds from Bingo go to Make-A-Wish® Australia. The total value of the prizes will be at least one-third of the total gross value of the Bingo tickets. Liquor will not be the principal prize.

  • Bingo is played with printed tickets bearing numbered squares.
  • A Caller announces the numbers to the players which are selected at random from a registered Bingo machine. 
  • Each player marks off the numbers on their ticket as they are called.
  • A player wins if they are able to mark off all the numbers on their ticket, left-to-right, first.
  • The benefiting charity for this event is Make-A-Wish® Australia and will receive proceeds raised from the sale of the Bingo books.
  • The maximum combined total value of jackpot prizes awarded in a major session will not exceed $2,000.
  • During a session any conditions can be viewed at the sales desk.
  • A participant who has won a prize will call out 'Bingo Loco' and hold their booklet in the air. These instructions are laid out clearly by the host at the start of the game.
  • Each ticket claimed to be a winner is inspected by the host and / or the assistant of the host.
  • Spotters will be placed within the audience to ensure each winner is identified quickly. 
  • If Bingo is called on a winning number by more than one participant or, from a number called prior to the last number called and someone else goes out on the last number called, the prize will be shared equally and an optional test of skill will be run for a bonus prize.
  • A number is not fully called until the number has been repeated, if a number is called by mistake and repeated, that number will then be classed as called.
  • If a number is lit up on the board and is missed by the Caller, that number will only be accepted as a valid number if it is called and repeated by the Caller before the end of that game and providing the Bingo machine is not faulty.
  • Legs Eleven reserves the right to alter progressive jackpots at any time.
  • Any disruptions during Bingo are not acceptable and the person or persons involved may be asked to leave.
  • The Session Supervisor / event manager will have the final say on any disputes arising during a session and disputes will be dealt with in a separate room.
  • The following is prohibited from participating in the Bingo: Family members of the benefiting charity representatives, Legs Eleven Australia Pty Ltd or employees of Legs Eleven Australia Pty Ltd; spotters; callers; event staff; charity representatives.

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